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Current electronic resources

It is important that the web sources chosen are robust and reliable. The CSIRO Maths and stats by email is a free fortnightly email newsletter featuring mathematics news and activities. 

It includes hands-on mathematics activities, curious and interesting mathematics websites, puzzles, news about the latest mathematics events and occasional competitions.

The activities are explained using everyday language and use easy-to-find, everyday materials. How about exploring the statistics of thumb wrestling with your class?

Maths and stats by email is a valuable educational resource. Most articles and activities have web links for further investigation. There is an activity archive and subscription is free.


Sample score sheet, image of thumb wrestling and some instructions.

Screen grab from Maths by email: thumb wrestling.
Source: © CSIRO. Licensed under a Creative-Commons Attribution Licence 3.0 (CC BY 3.0).

How much is lots?

‘How much is lots?’ is a student activity from the CSIRO website archive that explores ‘lots’ as a quantifying term.