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Semi-structured statistical investigations

In a semi-structured investigation, the context and focus are determined by the task.

The basic outline of the investigation is determined by the task but students are required to make some choices relevant to the context.

Are males better drivers?

These group tasks scaffold an investigation into whether males are better drivers. Student discussions that lead to decisions are required at each phase of the investigation.

Reaction time

An investigation into which group is quickest at grabbing a ruler.

Curriculum links

Year 8: Investigate the effect of individual data values, including outliers, on the mean and median

Year 8: Explore the variation of means and proportions of random samples drawn from the same population

Year 9: Compare data displays using mean, median and range to describe and interpret numerical data sets in terms of location (centre) and spread

Year 10: Construct and interpret box plots and use them to compare data sets