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Using media in the classroom

There are four stages in choosing and using media examples to challenge unquestioning beliefs. You can download the slide presentation Statistical Literacy: Using the Media which explains the four stages in more detail.

Choosing the example

  • What opportunity does the example offer for understanding and applying the statistics involved?
  • Will the concept be recognisable?
  • Will it be of interest to the students?
  • Does it allow for critical thinking?

Planning its use

  • What prerequisite knowledge is needed?
  • How long should the activity take?
  • What is expected of the students?
  • What questions will students ask?
  • How much help should be given?

Implementing it in the classroom

  • Be flexible.
  • Allow for short cuts.
  • Try to avoid direct questions to get to critical thinking.

Reflecting on the experience

  • Will the example be used again?
  • How could it be adapted?
  • What other examples could be used?
  • Did students achieve the desired outcomes?
  • Were they motivated by the context?

Curriculum links

Year 10: Evaluate statistical reports in the media and other places by linking claims to displays, statistics and representative data