Student data

CensusAtSchool is a nation-wide annual project that collects real data from students.

It provides data on characteristics, attitudes and opinions from questionnaires completed by Australian students.

You can register your students to take part in the data collection for free.

Students answer questions about their:

  • personal details (e.g. birthdate, year level, language spoken)
  • attributes (e.g. physical characteristics, dominant hand, reaction time)
  • lifestyle (e.g. foods, sleep patterns, transport, leisure, work, Internet use)
  • opinions on social issues (e.g. recycling, bullying, healthy eating).

CensusAtSchool offers a considerable amount of data.

There are prepared data sets as well as the facility to generate random samples from the full data set.

There are also classroom activities and support materials available on the website. 

What is typical?

In this activity students use data to test the claims made in article written for the school newspaper.