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Sampling methods activity

This is a three-stage activity about sampling methods. There is more discussion in Misunderstanding samples and sampling.

  • Determine students' prior understanding of sampling methods by asking them to complete the Survey Methods: Questionnaire. The questionnaire has multiple-choice questions on samples, sampling, and sampling strategies. The questions are designed to demonstrate beginning understanding of these fundamental statistical concepts.
  • Students complete the School Survey Task: Student Worksheet. This worksheet presents statements about a variety of sampling methods that students are required to comment on and then justify their thinking.
  • Use the School Survey Task: Rubric to analyse the students' responses to the questions to establish their level of thinking according to the developmental framework provided. Students' responses to this activity can be compared to the responses to the questionnaire to determine if their thinking has changed as a result of completing the activities.

Curriculum links

Year 8: Investigate techniques for collecting data, including census, sampling and observation

Year 8: Explore the practicalities and implications of obtaining data through sampling using a variety of investigative processes