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About this resource

How to use the Top Drawer Teachers resource.

Using this resource

Each drawer is divided into sections, generally:

Big ideas The big ideas that underpin the mathematics are explored and explained.
Misunderstandings Some common misunderstandings and their causes are described and analysed. There is teaching advice, and activities, designed to avoid or correct these misunderstandings.
Good teaching Key content is explained thoroughly. There are suggested teaching approaches and many suitable activities. You will find videos, slide presentations, worksheets, digital learning objects and more.
Assessment Aspects of assessment are discussed.
Activities Student activities that appear in other parts of the drawer have been collected here. However, many of the pages contain further suggestions and ideas for other activities.
Downloads All downloadable files, such as student worksheets, teacher notes, activity templates and video transcripts, are available here. 

Pertinent professional readings are also included and accessed through the AAMT website.

Where relevant, links have been made to the content descriptions of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics.


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Fractions, Mental computation, Patterns, Reasoning, Statistics

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Geometric reasoning

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AAMT would like to thank those who have developed materials and contributed to the Top Drawer Teachers resource.

Fractions Jenni Way, University of Sydney
Geometric reasoning

Nikky Vanderhout, Mathematical Association of New South Wales

Stuart Palmer, Patrick Parker, Gavin Sinclair, Karen McDaid, Katrina Sims, Lauren James, Christine Horley

Mental computation

Vince Wright, Australian Catholic University

Ann Downton, Australian Catholic University

Doug Clarke, Australian Catholic University


Michael Mitchelmore, Macquarie University

Joanne Mulligan, Macquarie University

Reasoning Judy Mousley, Deakin University

Jane Watson, University of Tasmania

Noeline Fitzallen, University of Tasmania

Pauline Carter, Mathematical Association of South Australia (MASA)

Thanks also go to Peter Brinkworth, Barry Kissane, Sharyn Livy, Julia Mitchelmore, Denise Neal, Howard Reeves, Maddy Surman.