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Questioning the media

These two media reports need careful analysis and also provide the opportunity to discuss the various ways to represent data.

There is an apparent contradiction between the Tasmanian and South Australian data.

These States have the highest average annual household electricity bills, but the lowest total weekly household spending on goods and services.


Average annual household electricity bills.
State Amount
Tasmania $2780
South Australia $2182
New South Wales $2068
Queensland $1950
Victoria $1842
Western Australia $1515


Pictogram shows SA spends the least on goods and services at $1044 and ACT the most at $1539.

Total weekly household spending on goods and services.
Source: moneysmart.gov.au


There is teaching advice for this example in Teaching Critical Questioning. You can download the Analysing Media Reports: Student Worksheet as well as Analysing Media Reports: Possible Answers.

Curriculum links

Year 9: Investigate reports of surveys in digital media and elsewhere for information on how data were obtained to estimate population means and medians