Investigating us

In the unit of work R11497 Investigating Collecting Data, students investigate the world around them while:

  • designing and conducting simple surveys
  • collating data into tables
  • representing data.

Students use statistical methods to reduce, analyse and interpret data.

Students evaluate the cultural and social inclusivity of samples used.

It is appropriate for use with year 7 and 8 students.

The unit also identifies ways to integrate ICT materials into classroom practice and includes a list of all print, digital and other resources needed to teach the unit, as well as printable worksheets.

The unit easily lends itself to allowing for differentiated learning programs.

Assessment guidelines include:

  • a personal blog of the learning journey
  • oral presentations
  • posters
  • the resubmission of tasks.

Curriculum links

Year 8: Investigate techniques for collecting data, including census, sampling and observation

Year 7: Calculate mean, median, mode and range for sets of data. Interpret these statistics in the context of data

Year 7: Describe and interpret data displays using median, mean and range

Year 7: Identify and investigate issues involving numerical data collected from primary and secondary sources