Melbourne Cup data

The Melbourne Cup: Student Worksheet is based on the history of the Melbourne Cup. It requires students to differentiate the types of data collected about the race and the graphs that would best represent the data.

The range of variables associated with the Melbourne Cup include:

  • numerical values (e.g. year of the race; age of winner)
  • categorical data (e.g. horse colour)
  • measurable data (e.g. weight carried by the horse)
  • time series of other variables (e.g. the overall reduction in winning time over the years).

It is also possible to explore associations between variables (e.g. weight carried and winning time).

You can also download The Melbourne Cup: Answers.

Curriculum links

Year 6: Interpret and compare a range of data displays, including side-by-side column graphs for two categorical variables

Year 9: Identify everyday questions and issues involving at least one numerical and at least one categorical variable, and collect data directly from secondary sources (ACMSP228)