Curriculum links

Foundation year: Connect number names, numerals and quantities, including zero, initially up to 10 and then beyond

Year 2: Explore the connection between addition and subtraction

Year 3: Recognise and explain the connection between addition and subtraction

Year 4: Recognise that the place value system can be extended to tenths and hundredths. Make connections between fractions and decimal notation

Year 5: Connect three-dimensional objects with their nets and other two-dimensional representations

Year 6: Make connections between equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages

Year 6: Connect decimal representations to the metric system

Year 6: Connect volume and capacity and their units of measurement

Year 7: Connect fractions, decimals and percentages and carry out simple conversions

Year 10: Connect the compound interest formula to repeated applications of simple interest using appropriate digital technologies

Year 10: Explore the connection between algebraic and graphical representations of relations such as simple quadratics, circles and exponentials using digital technology as appropriate