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These teaching activities also appear in the Big ideas and Good teaching sections of the drawer where they are preceded by additional important mathematical and pedagogical information to assist in your teaching. The activities include digital learning objects, the use of a variety of materials to model and games.

Above and below the line

Students decide whether a number belongs in one or another group, and give reasons.

Bad apples

Students create rules that can be used to make predictions.

Challenging all students

Being 'stretched' should not be restricted to more able students.

Comparing properties of quadrilaterals

This activity focusses on noticing the similarities and differences in the properties of quadrilaterals. The activity could be used with any sets of two-dimensional or three-dimensional shapes.

Covered by H

This activity focusses on horizontal and vertical place-value patterns in a number grid. A shape is used to cover parts of the grid. Students need to explain what the covered numbers are and how they know.

Do quadrilaterals tessellate?

A teacher asked students to consider the statement "Any quadrilateral will tessellate" and whether this is true some of the time, all of the time or never true.

Exploring nines

Develop a lesson from counting by nines.

Surface area and scaling up

W questions are applied to an activity about surface area and scaling up.

W questions covered by H

W questions are applied to the activity called Covered by H.