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Good teaching

Reasoning provides the opportunity for students to engage in mathematics in a thought-provoking and intellectual way.

Good teaching of reasoning involves embedding it in all mathematics classes. Like the other proficiencies (understanding, problem-solving and fluency), reasoning is at the heart of all mathematics learning and teaching.

Some key elements of good teaching of reasoning include:

  • challenging all students to reason
  • using effective questioning to prompt reasoning
  • encouraging deep thinking
  • making reasoning a routine element of every class
  • making mathematical connections.

Reasoning for all students

Reasoning can provide a suitable intellectual challenge for all students.

Effective questioning

There are some questions that can stimulate reasoning.

Deep thinking

Deep thinking develops from spending time with an idea.

A routine element of every class

Reasoning needs supportive dialogue.

Making mathematical connections

Research shows that the most effective mathematics teachers for developing students' reasoning are connectionists.