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Adding auxiliary lines: Hints

Adding auxilliary lines: Solutions

Adding auxilliary lines: Student worksheet

Angle sum of a triangle: Student worksheet

Blank Frayer model

Circle geometry investigations: Student worksheet

Circle geometry theorems

Classifying triangles: Information sheet

Congruence and similarity test

Congruent triangles

Convex and non-convex polygons: Information sheet

Geometry check-ups: Sample answers

Geometry check-ups: Sample answers (annotated)

Geometry toolkit: Solutions

Geometry toolkit: Student worksheet

Great angle chase slide show presentation

Great angle chase: Solutions

Great angle chase: Student worksheet

Linking angles slide presentation

Looking beyond the lines

Milli makes magical measurements: Student worksheet

Morphing quadrilaterals

Naming polygons: Information sheet

Paper, pencil and protractor: Solutions

Paper, pencil and protractor: Student worksheet

Pattern block hexagons: Student worksheet

Properties of quadrilaterals: Information sheets

Property match-up: Student worksheet

Proving congruence: Answers

Proving congruence: Student worksheet

Proving Pythagoras' theorem

Putting it all together: Student worksheet

Pythagoras' similarity proof

Quadrilateral flowchart puzzle

Quadrilateral properties

Quadrilateral properties quiz

Regular and irregular polygons: Information sheet

Similar triangles

SImple similarity problem

Special quadrilaterals: Information sheet


Tangram hexagons: Answers

Tangram hexagons: Student worksheet

Translating geometric descriptions: Solutions

Translating geometric descriptions: Student worksheet

Try these triangles: Assessment tasks

Two proofs of the angle sum of a triangle