Literacy questions

A question which requires students to explain a geometric concept in their own words, with the use of diagrams if necessary, provides valuable information about their depth of understanding.

  • Explain in your own words what is meant by the phrase 'the shapes are congruent'.
  • Similar triangles have their matching sides in the same proportion. Explain in your own words what this means.
  • In the diagram below, x° = . Is XY || PQ? Explain your reasoning.
  • Sandra thinks that the triangle she has drawn is isosceles. Explain what she could do to check if she is right. If you can think of more than one method, include them all in your answer.
  • Why is it impossible to draw a triangle with sides 3 cm, 4 cm and 8 cm?
  • In geometry, what strategies could you use to prove that two lines are parallel?
  • Draw a chart which shows how you would decide the most appropriate name for a given quadrilateral.