Tackling the terminology

Here are some strategies that you could use when teaching the terminology of geometry.

  • Compile a glossary of terms and symbols.
    Initially do this as a whole class activity. Students should personalise their glossary, adding to it when misunderstanding is revealed.
  • Use the correct terminology when you are teaching.
    This models correct use of language and places value on accurate and succinct communication.
  • Use a Frayer model.
    This organisational tool first requires the student to define the term in their own words. Facts or characteristics of the concept/term are then added, including any abbreviations. Giving examples and non-examples highlights any misunderstanding the student may have about the concept. You can access this Frayer model website to find out more. A blank Frayer model template is provided.
  • Teach the pronunciation of new words.
    Practising saying the word aloud gives students the confidence to use the correct term when sharing their ideas in class discussion.