Creative construction

A straightforward task can be transformed into a creative activity with a few changes. Some key words and phrases that could be used are:

  • reorganise
  • design
  • develop
  • make a new
  • devise a way.

When planning a creative activity, great care needs to be taken to ensure that all students are able to access the learning at a level appropriate to their individual needs and experiences.

Some considerations include:

  • When should the task be given?
  • How can the task be structured so that all can participate in the task?
  • What instructions should accompany the task? Will there be ‘hints’ that students can request?
  • How will the class be organised? Will the class work in groups, as individuals or a combination of both?
  • What type of support will be given by the teacher?
  • What feedback will be given to the student?
  • How can student work be showcased to others?

Morphing quadrilaterals

This is a challenging ICT task in which students construct specific quadrilaterals which will maintain their attributes regardless of how they are manipulated.