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Examples of ICT resources

Some examples of digital drawing programs are included in the website Brain Pop.

  • In Picture Maker students can create patterns simply by dragging on-screen images onto the background.
  • In Draw About It they use online drawing tools to create a digital pattern. Ask students to use these tools to create patterns as an open-ended activity or as an assessment task.

Several interactive pattern games are available on the BBC website. For example, the Number Patterns activity requires students to recognise and extend some number patterns. If they are correct, a safe opens and reveals a prize. If they are incorrect, they are given a second chance. The instantaneous feedback helps students reconcile any errors and can prevent misconceptions.

Pattern Blocks is another resource that can be used to create patterns.

Monster choir patterns

Students can construct and continue patterns using the Monster choir digital learning object. Successful attempts result in the choir converting the pattern into a monster tune.


Students can use programmable toys called Bee-Bots to experiment with shape patterns.

Curriculum links

Foundation Year: Sort and classify familiar objects and explain the basis for these classifications. Copy, continue and create patterns with objects and drawings

Year 3: Describe, continue and create number patterns resulting from performing addition or subtraction