Monster choir patterns

The Monster choir series provides learners with an opportunity to explore patterning using both visual and auditory elements. There are three possibilities.

A choir of purple monsters is ready to sing the repeating pattern shown at the bottom of the screen.

Screen grab from L494 Monster choir: Look and listen.
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In L1057 Monster choir: missing monsters, students are given a repeating pattern of shapes. They assign each shape to a singing monster. The whole pattern is then displayed with some missing items to be completed. After any errors have been corrected, students can play the whole sound pattern.

In L1056 Monster choir: making patterns and L494 Monster choir: look and listen, students construct a unit of repeat consisting of two, three or four monsters. They are then helped to continue the pattern after which they can hear the entire choir singing the pattern.

Whether the learning objects are used with a whole class or by pairs of students, it is important that students predict the next monster in each pattern and explain their prediction before entering it. Focus students' attention especially on the unit of repeat. If possible, copy some of the patterns with physical pattern blocks and simple musical instruments.

Curriculum links

Foundation Year: Sort and classify familiar objects and explain the basis for these classifications. Copy, continue and create patterns with objects and drawings

Year 2: Describe patterns with numbers and identify missing elements