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Patterns in school activities

Good teaching makes links between classroom patterning experiences and patterns that students experience elsewhere in their environment.

The school is a significant part of a student's environment, so it is sensible to look for patterns here.

There are many possibilities to promote students' understanding by having them explore patterns in their daily, weekly or annual activities -- or in other other curriculum areas.

Integration of mathematics with other curriculum areas is one of the aims of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics which "ensures that the links between the various components of mathematics, as well as the relationship between mathematics and other disciplines, are made clear."

Exploring these patterns using mathematical language such as 'repeating' and 'symmetry' can help integrate students' experiences in other areas of the curriculum into mathematics.

By looking for patterns in school activities students will see that they have a wide application. This will help students to understand patterns more deeply and enjoy the topic more.

Repeating patterns in school activities

Many repeating patterns can be found in the everyday school routine, as well as in activities in other curriculum areas.