Making an AAB pattern

Show students this repeating pattern made from cubes. Identify the unit of repeat and the number of repetitions.

A row of cubes, made up of three groups of green-green-yellow cubes.

A repeating pattern.

Now ask students to make the same pattern in different pairs of colours. For example, give one group of students red and blue cubes, another orange and black cubes, and so on.

Help students to check if the different patterns are 'the same' and to explain how they can tell.

Now change the objects (e.g. use beads, pattern blocks or building blocks). Give different pairs of objects to each group of students and challenge students to make exactly the same pattern.

Then challenge students to make the same pattern using music or movement.

Finally, ask students to record the common pattern that they have been making in various media. Lead them towards using letters of the alphabet, pointing out that RRB is the same pattern as YYG, OOB, and so on. Suggest that from now on it be called an 'AAB repeating pattern'.

As a last check of students' understanding ask them to make an 'ABC repeating pattern' in as many different media as possible.

Curriculum links

Foundation Year: Sort and classify familiar objects and explain the basis for these classifications. Copy, continue and create patterns with objects and drawings