Dynamic fractions

Display the learning object L134 Dynamic fractions using an interactive whiteboard or projector screen. Set all the controls to manual.

Sample of a 4 by 3 grid with four parts shaded. The equivalent fractions 4/12 and 1/3 are recorded.

Screen grab from L134 Dynamic fractions.
Source: © Education Services Australia Ltd, 2011 

Use questioning to explore ways to make grids, represent fractions and find equivalent fractions.

  • What factors can we use to make a grid to show twelfths?
  • What boxes should be coloured to show three quarters? How else could it be done? Discuss other ways of colouring the same fraction (i.e. colouring different boxes).
  • How do we write the fraction for this display? Is there another way to write this fraction? Is there an equivalent fraction? How do you know?

Students working in pairs at computers can:

  • set the grid controls to manual
  • set the fractions control to either manual or auto
  • find and record all the equivalent fractions possible for a grid with 10 boxes
  • choose their own grids to find and record equivalent fractions for \(\frac{1}{4}\).

Curriculum links

Year 4: Investigate equivalent fractions used in contexts

Year 6: Compare fractions with related denominators and locate and represent them on a number line