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Digital assessment tool example

The digital assessment tool L9811 Kick the goal: add proper fractions 1: assessment is used to assess performance in adding fractions with the same and related denominators. A target number is set. The task is to create a pair of fractions which add to the target. A dynamic fraction bar illustrates the fractions created.

Addition of a pair of fractions, also shown with fraction bars, to equal a set target of 4/5.

Screen grab from L9811 Kick the goal: add proper fractions 1: assessment.
Source: © Education Services Australia Ltd, 2011 

The teacher set up three computers with the assessment tool. While the rest of the class worked on other learning activities. Three students at a time completed the assessment (about 5 minutes each). Each student printed the results sheet and took it to the teacher. Before the end of the session, the teacher spoke briefly with each student to provide specific feedback and to highlight the next step in their learning.

Six questions, four responses marked as correct, two as incorrect. Teacher comments that student needs to work on adding fractions with different denominators.

Adapted from L9811 Kick the goal: add proper fractions 1: assessment.

In the assessment report example we see that the teacher has forecast some direct teaching that needs to occur and identified a digital learning object to provide practice.

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